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If you need a will and live in Windsor or surrounding areas, we can help. We believe in complete transparency, and ensuring your family keeps as much of your money and assets as possible at a time that will be hard on everyone.

Everyone wants to protect their assets for the future of their children and loved ones. We go through life supporting our children emotionally and financially and when we are no longer here we want to continue supporting our loved ones. Many people will draft a Will hoping to ensure that the assets that they have worked hard to acquire during their lifetime, are passed on to their children and chosen beneficiaries after their death.

Wills Windsor

UK inheritance tax (IHT)

Another thing to be made aware of is UK inheritance tax (IHT). This is a tax charged on your estate when you die.
Without inheritance tax planning, your beneficiaries could be faced with a very large tax bill when you die. They may even have to sell assets, such as the family home, in order to pay the bill. At True Wealth Wills & Trusts Ltd we can help you plan effectively to ensure that this does not happen. Writing a will and keeping it up to date is an essential part of inheritance tax planning.

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